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No such thing as too much clarity

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No such thing as too much clarity


There’s a whole new standard in precision and accuracy now available for today’s most advanced practices. OMS-Exec® v18 practice management software ushers in new levels of performance, stability, and intelligent features. v18 understands how you work, and how you want to work. It’s a foundation to take your practice into the future with smarter capabilities that lead the industry. Introducing the more precise world of OMS-Exec v18 for your OMS practice and all its patients.

Better software makes a better experience.

Introducing practice management software that delivers true clarity. Endo-Exec® v18 practice management software is a profoundly deeper, more complete understanding about your patients and your practice from comprehensive digital records and advanced analytics at your fingertips at all times. In a minimum of keystrokes, you can monitor insurance eligibility and track claims, assess potential drug interaction, or even go fully digital with an optional, fully-embedded Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module that already sets the standard for dental specialist practices.


A powerful tool that integrates with everything you do.

Endo-Exec is decision-support software engineered for maximum interoperability with today’s most advanced diagnostic and clinical devices. You’ll find integration with the leading technology providers in their respective fields to be instantaneous, seamless and extremely reliable.


There is a room for your practice in the cloud.

With Endo-Exec v18, you can radically streamline workflow across your entire practice, no matter where you are. Using the cloud, you can assess potential drug interaction, monitor insurance eligibility, or track claims anywhere there’s Internet access. And no matter how large or complex the practice, once-tedious tasks like generating letters and keeping your team on track are now automatic. Cloud-ready Endo-Exec v18 is the new standard in anywhere-anytime access for a practice.


The fully-integrated payment solution

It’s the best of both worlds. Credit card processing is now safer and easier than ever. Automation, encryption and tokenization are now significantly faster, more accurate, and more affordable with integrated payment processing through Heartland Payment Systems. The highest security standards in payment processing today are yours with Endo-Exec v18.

Technical Support worthy of an endodontic practice.

Technical Support for Endo-Exec is as exceptional as the software itself. Practices receive prompt, detailed answers from a knowledgeable Technical Support professional. For this very reason, DSN Software is unmatched in the industry in its record for retaining long-term, highly satisfied practices.

Compare, contrast and experience in a highly personal Demo

A demo is the time for you to bring your issues with your current practice management provider to the table. Let us show you how Endo-Exec approaches them, point by point. Multiple office complexities, encryption concerns, training issues, technical support, you name it. Tell us what’s on your mind and we’ll tell you where Endo-Exec stands.
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About DSN Software

Endo-Exec v18 is engineered, marketed, and supported by DSN Software, a privately-held tech firm in Washington State that engineers practice management software solutions for dental and dental specialty practices. Since 1978, DSN has been a consistent leader in transforming practices through the insight, efficiency, and productivity that technology enables. Endo-Exec v18 is notable for its seamless integration with over 55 of the leading software and technology providers found in today’s most advanced practices.

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